Innotek SD-3000

Innotek-sd-3000Review:  Innotek SD-3000 Basic Contain N Train System


  • Remote training feature
  • Non-proprietary batteries


  • Not rechargeable
  • No battery backup
  • No adjustable correction levels
  • No indoor pods


Innotek’s SD-3000 adds remote training functionality to the SD-2000 (review here) for about an extra $50.  As we mentioned with the SD-2000 this is Innotek’s bare bones offering.  You get a reliable system, but lose desirable features, most notable the rechargeable collars.   

Like the SD-2000, you have a non-proprietary 3 volt battery that you can find in most drug stores and that runs about $5 and needs replacing about every 2 months according to Innotek.  You also lose the ability to manually adjust correction levels.  

As we mentioned in our review of the IUC-5100, remote training is not a feature we love.  We think it can be confusing to dog, especially in the first few months when they are learning how the dog fence works.

Summary: The SD-3000 is for those on a tight budget that need remote training capability.  The lack of rechargeable collar and adjustable correction levels are noticeable.

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