Innotek SD-2000 Basic Fence Review


  • Non-proprietary batteries
  • Cheapest reliable system


  • No adjustable correction levels
  • No low battery warning
  • Not rechargeable
  • No battery backup for the transmitter


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Innotek, the child company of Radio Fence which also makes the gear for Invisible Fence and PetSafe, has a bare bones offering called the SD-2000 (pictured right). The SD-2000 is the cheapest reliable system on the market, but cuts a few too many corners to be really useful. This is the system to get if you are on a very tight budget.

At just over $100, the SD-2000 is the cheapest system that we would suggest anyone should use with their dogs. In terms of features the Innotek SD-2000 is similar to the more expensive PetSafe PRF-3004W. But, unlike some of the other cheaper systems like the Humane Contain, this one works consistently and reliably.

The main drawback of the SD-2000 is that it only has a single correction level. The correction level is progressive, increasing in intensity the nearer the dog gets to the boundary wire. But, there is still only one starting point. This starting point is set for the “typical dog” but is too much for small dogs or compliant dogs, and insufficient for large dogs or stubborn dogs. You really want something that you can adjust after you see your dog’s reaction to the correction.

The other basic feature that is missing is a low battery warning light. There is no decent way to figure out if your battery is getting low, other than regularly testing it on the fence to see if it is beeping. Since nobody ever does this, the battery inevitably goes flat without anyone noticing, potentially leaving the dog’s unsecured. Fortunately, the risks are relatively low since once the dog is trained on the system they tend not to test boundaries. Still, this is a basic safety feature that really should be on all systems.

The Innotek SD-2000 Basic Dog In-Ground Fence uses a generic 3V battery that you can get in any supermarket or drug store. These batteries cost around $5 and last about two months so do start to erode a bit of the SD-2000’s savings. They are less expensive and much easier to find than the proprietary batteries used by some systems like the PetSafe Small Dog Fence, but not as good as the rechargeable batteries on systems like the Innotek 4100.

The collar band is decent. It is a black cloth band, but lacks the reflective strip of the SD-2100. As you would expect, the SD-2000 lacks many of the frills like the base station battery backup and cannot be used with the Innotek wireless indoor pods. To get compatibility with the indoor pods, you need to trade up to the Innotek IUC-4100 or the Innotek IUC-5100.

Innotek offers a lifetime warranty on all it’s products, but that is a little misleading. This really means that they will replace the unit for free in the first year and offer you a discounted repair in subsequent years. Note, that on a unit this cheap, it is a close call whether to take them up on the discounted repair or simply buy a new unit.

Summary: The SD-2000 is a decent option for those on a tight budget with a medium size dog. But the lack of adjustable correction levels and the absence of a low battery warning light kill the deal for us.

If you find this site useful, please consider purchasing your Innotek SD-2000 Basic In-Ground system through our online store.

SD-2000 Collar

Brick The SD-2000 has a old-school brick style collar. It is rumored that the designer of this collar did not go on to design the iphone, ipod or imac. Like most bricks, this collar works well and is robust. The collar is a little bigger than the PetSafe PRF-3004W which is the unit’s main competitor. While the PRF-3004W could comfortably fit a dog down at 10lbs (although the correction level would be all wrong); the SD-2000 would only be comfortable on a dog double that size.

Disposable Battery The collar is powered by a regular disposable 3V lithium battery (this type of battery is sometimes used in cameras). You get about 2-3 months of life from each battery and they are widely available. The batteries cost around $5, not as cheap as an AA battery but cheaper than most proprietary batteries on the market.

No Low Battery WarningGlaringly, the collar has no low battery warning. So you have to test the collar regularly to make sure it is still working. This is something every system really should have, realistically owners are going to be lazy and not test the collar regularly, and not knowing if your collar is working when you put it on your dog is a significant safety issue. The low warning light is also not exactly new or expensive technology and we don’t understand why something so basic is missing from this unit and the competing PetSafe PRF-3004W.

One Progressive Correction Level The other disappointing omission from this unit is that there is only one correction level. This makes the unit a bit of a crapshoot. The correction strength may be right for your dog, but if it isn’t you can’t adjust it. The correction is progressive so will increase as the dog gets closer which gives it a bigger upward range than the PRF-3004W. The sweet spot of the unit is about 30-40lbs, but again this will vary a bit from dog to dog, so a better choice would be a unit with one correction level.

The collar is water resistant. It comes with a black cloth band and a snap-type closure making it easy to get on and off.

Control Box

The Innotek SD-2000 is one of the smallest units with just one basic functions, the Field Width Adjustment Knob. This lets you set how far on either side of the boundary wire the correction will apply.

You can wall mount the unit simply by putting one screw in each of the two “wings” that just out form the side of the system.

Boundary Wire Kit

The basic SD-2000 includes the following items standard:

  • 500 ft boundary wire (20 gauge) – enough for about 1/3 of an acre
  • 50 boundary flags – create a visual marker for the boundary
  • 2 Waterproof wire splice – used to join sections of the boundary wire

Extra boundary kits to create a larger boundary can be ordered in our online store ($30 per 500 feet). You can also upgrade to the slightly thicker 18 gauge boundary wire (not necessary for most people)

Training DVD and Instruction Manual

The SD-2000 system comes with a decent training DVD from Innotek. Our approach to training is a little different, waiting till later to introduce the correction, but either way will hold you in good stead.

Model Innotek Basic In Ground Fence SD-2000
Type In Ground
Collar Battery Disposable – generic (3 volts)
Correction Levels 1 Level (progressive)
Beep Only Training Mode No
Collar Warning Beep Yes
Collar Vibration No
Independent Correction Levels n/a – only one correction level
Collar Dimensions 1.5” (L) x 2” (W) x 1.25″ (D)
Collar Neck Size 2″ – 21″
Collar Water Resistance Waterproof
Collar Fit Test Yes
Maximum Number of Dogs Unlimited
Minimum Dog Size 20 lbs
Minimum Age 6 months
Maximum Containment Area 5 acres (3,000 feet)
Boundary Width 0-10 feet (adjustable)
Control Box Dimensions 3” (L) x 4.25” (W) x 1.25” (D)
Control Box Power Source Wall Outlet (110V)
Control Box Battery Backup No
Indoor Pod Compatibility No
Outdoor Pod Compatibility No
Included Boundary Wire 500 feet + 2 wire Splices
Included Boundary Flags 50
Training Materials Manual and DVD
Other Boundary tester
Package Dimensions 12” (L) x 8” (W) x 6″ (D)
Package Weight 6 lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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