Pet Containment

Pet Containment and Dog Containment Systems 101

1.  Choose a Pet Containment System for your Dog.

Start by choosing a dog containment system that is appropriate for your pet.  The system acts like a virtual fence, warning your dog with a beep when they are getting too close to their boundaries and giving them a correction if they keep proceeding.  For a guide to all the major pet containment systems, including Innotek, and PetSafe look at our reviews.

2.  Install the Dog Containment System

Next, install the pet containment.  This involves laying a loop of boundary wire around the perimeter of the property to mark the boundary line.   Some people will bury the wire, others will staple it to the ground, or ziptie the wire to a fence.

3.  Train your Dog on the Containment System

Lastly, train the dog to use the containment system.  You will follow a series of exercises that will teach your dog about the new boundary rules, and the consequences for breaking the rules.  Then you will test the dog to make sure they objey the containment system rules even when temptations appear.