Walking Your Dog

Now that you have your system installed and your dog trained, how do you take the dog for a walk outside the system boundary?  Remember we told you that while training, you should take the dog on walks by taking off their collar receiver, putting them in your car and then driving them over the boundary.  You should keep doing this procedure for about one month to make sure your dog really understands and respects the boundaries.

After the month, and you are sure your dog really understands the system works you are ready to train them to be taken on walks without using the car.  First, pick a spot on the boundary as your entry/exit spot, always use this spot when taking your dog out for a walk.  Now take the collar receiver off the dog and attach their walking collar and their leash.  Now walk the dog confidently over the boundary at the spot you chose.  The first few times you may get resistance from the dog.  Be confident and firm as you stride across the boundary.  Always enter and leave your property from the same spot on the boundary and always when the dog is on the leash.  Your dog will quickly learn that the boundary will not shock them when they are with you and on their leash.

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