Invisible Fence 700 Series Review


  • Reliable System
  • Fully Installed
  • In-Home Service


  • Expensive
  • Not User Adjustable
  • Expensive Proprietary Disposable Battery


We do not sell Invisible Fence Brand systems. To purchase an Invisible Fence Brand system contact a local authorized dealer.

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The Invisible Fence Company is the original producer of electronic dog fences and has a full service offering where they provide the system, install the system, and help you with training. Invisible Fence was the only game in town for a long time and have done more than a million installations in the United States. But, since the expiry of their patent in the 1990s they are now joined by a variety of do-it-yourself solutions. Invisible Fence is in fact a sister company to Innotek and PetSafe which make the major DIY electric dog fences.

The Invisible Fence ICT 700 series which includes the ICT 700, ICT 725, ICT 750, and the ICT 775 has been the Invisible Fence workhorse for as long as we can remember - well over ten years and probably closer to twenty. The four models in the 700 series are similar. * Invisible Fence ICT 700 - basic model that can run 3,000 feet of wire (about 10 acres) * Invisible Fence ICT 725 - adds a rechargeable battery backup * Invisible Fence ICT 750 - has dual zones, so you can run two independent section of boundary wire off a single transmitter * Invisible Fence ICT 775 - long distance model that can do about 5,000 feet (25 acres)

All the Invisible Fence ICT 700 is being phased out, and is being replace by the Invisible Fence ICT 800 series. The new 800 series systems are little faster to respond, but it is almost academic because the old 700 series worked just fine. You can also use the new Invisible Fence UltraLite collars with the ICT 700 series.

The 700 series is usually paired with the platinum collar which is equally well. It is waterproof, has a nice cloth collar band. The collar does have two serious drawbacks. First, it uses a special Invisible Fence disposable battery that you need to get under a subscription plan ($60 for a year). And second, it is not user adjustable. The collar has ten correction setting - but they can only be adjusted by an invisible fence technician. So if you get a second hand unit or use it on a new dog with a different temperament, you need to get someone to adjust it for you.

An Invisible Fence ICT 725 will cost you around $1,500 depending on where you live and the size of your yard. Each extra dog costs an additional $300 for the extra collar. For that price someone will come out to your house and install the system. There will also be two training session to help show you how to train the dogs. The system itself is covered by a lifetime warranty.

SUMMARY: An excellent system supported by excellent customer service. This is a great option if money is not an issue. The only downside is the price of the system and the need for the ongoing battery subscription.


The Invisible Fence ICT 700 can be used with a few different Invisible Fence collars. The newest microlite collar is reviewed here along with the newer ICT 800 Invisible Fence. Most ICT 700, ICT 725, ICT 750 and ICT 775s are sold with the Invisible Fence Titanium (R21) collar. It is one of the smaller collars, comparable in size to the better DIY systems like the Innotek IUC-4100 and PetSafe Deluxe. The size is fine on a dog down to about 11 lbs.

The collar probes screw on to secure the cloth band. A cool feature is that there is a large selection of bands available, so you can get different ones for each dog to identify the collar. The band uses a nice buckle style clasp for quick removal.

The collar has ten different correction levels and also lets you set a delay on the correction to give the dog time to retreat before getting the correction.

On one side of the collar there is an indicator lamp that lets you know when you are getting a low battery. On the other side of the collar is a disposable Invisible Fence Battery. The battery is available through Invisible Fence and costs approximately $60 per year. There are cheaper compatible batteries available in our store for about half the cost, but they are still expensive.


The transmitter has just one control. The two blue dials control the boundary width.

The wire terminals on the transmitter are a bit bigger than normal and can accommodate thicker wire, up to about 12 gauge. Most of the DIY systems by comparison can only do about 16 gauge, without needing to be trimmed down.

The transmitter can be plugged into an optional extra battery backup that is included in the ICT 725, ICT 750, and ICT 775 models. The battery is rechargeable and charges when using the main AC power source. This battery backup supplies power to the system in case of power failure.

The system has a status light and a speaker to let you know if there is a break in the wire.


You can use the Invisible Fence System with both indoor pods and the outdoor rock pod to keep the dogs out of certain areas of the house and yard respectively. The units look identical to the pods that work with the Innotek/PetSafe IUC-4100 and IUC-5100, but are not intercompatible.


The Invisible Fence Brand systems come with a lifetime warranty on the system, which means that they will repair the system at their cost if there is a problem.

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