Connecting and Testing

Last step.  Connect the wires to the control box and power on the system.  Hopefully you will get a green light from the system telling you that everything is working.  Hoorah.  Do a quick celebration jig!  (We have done a whole heap of installations and seeing that green light is still a whole lot of fun)  Bask in the glow of your victory!!!

If you are getting a broken wire error from the control box, don’t fear.  Nine times out of ten the break is at one of the splices where you joined two pieces of wire.  Check all the joins.  If that didn’t fix it skip to the section on finding a break in the dog fence wire and hunt down that break.

Now the last part of the installation is setting up the boundary flags.  Adjust the boundary width on the control box so that the boundary reaches the desired width.  Make sure the boundary is at least three feet wide on either side of the wire, much narrower than that and it will be hard to train the dog.  It is easier to start wide, then narrow the width after the dog is trained to give the dog more space than to try and train them with a boundary that is too thin. 

To test the boundary width, take the collar (making sure you are not touching the probes), and hold it at approximately the height of the dog’s head and get closer to the boundary wire until you hear it beep or see the collar light flash.  Now using the collar as your guide set the boundary flags at the point where the collar begins to beep and/or flash.  Try to space the flags no more than two yards apart, preferably closer.

In places where you cannot plant the flags in the ground such as the driveway, lie the flags down on the ground.

Congratulations.  Take a breather.  Then when you are ready, lets get started on the most important part, training your dogs to use the system.

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