Good old fashioned digging requires the least equipment, but is also the hardest way to bury your fence.

First dig a very narrow trench about three inches deep with a pick axe or narrow hoe, going about one yard at a time.  Place the wire in the trench and then bury the wire with the soil you removed.  Tread on the soil to compact it, then move on to burying the next section of trench.

If the wire does not seem to want to stay in place when you place it in the trench, use lawn staples to hold them in place before burying.

The whole thing can be rather slow going, so budget about three minutes for each yard, longer if you have hard clay soils.

If you have soils that are particularly easy to work with, you can try the following shortcut.  Cut the earth with a shovel, then push the shovel forward to create a v-shaped gap in the ground.  Place the wire in the bottom of the v-shaped gap and then move the shovel and continue the process.  Again this only works if you have soil that is very easy to work with, it will only cause frustration in rocky or clay soils.

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