What are the Differences Between Wireless or In-Ground system?

Should I get a wired or wireless dog containment fence?  What are the differences between wireless and in-ground dog fences?

In Ground (wired) dog containment systems work by using a boundary wire that you place in a loop forms a perimeter for the containment area.  The wire transmits a weak radio signal.  The dog wears a collar that picks up the signal when the dog gets too close to the wire.  The dog then gets a warning, and if they keep getting closer a correction.

In ground systems create a nice crisp and consistent boundary and for that reason are the most popular systems available.  They are also much more flexible and can be shaped to suit almost any shaped yard.  

We strongly recommend in ground systems versus wireless systems.  It is a little bit more work up front, but you will be much happier with the result.  It is for good reason that nearly all professionals still use wired systems.  To compare in ground dog fences see here.

Wireless dog containment systems create a circular boundary around a central base station.  The boundary is a perfect circle. although you can adjust the radius of that circle.  These systems are much more convenient to set up, but they are not anywhere near as good as inground wired systems.  Wireless systems tend to have imprecise boundaries, that will move from minute to minute and make it harder to train the dog.

Wireless systems also have trouble getting through trees and maintaining a consistent boundary in sloping yards.  They hate being near any large metal objects, particularly refrigerators, water heaters and metal siding which block their signal.  It is unpredictable how these wireless systems will work in any individual house.

Where the wireless systems work best is if you have a large open space without many obstacles and with little slope. They are also useful to take camping or with your RV, where being able to quickly set up a temporary boundary is importan.

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