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Should I install 20 gauge, 18 gauge, 16 gauge, or 14 gauge wire? What gauge of wire comes with the fence system? How do I upgrade the wire? If I upgrade the wire, does it upgrade the wire that comes with the dog fence?

All wire on Dog Fence DIY is rated for direct burial and expected to last 10+ years. Our rolls of wire come in 500 spools only. Most dog fence systems come with 500 feet of 20 gauge wire. When you upgrade your wire, it upgrades the wire that comes with the fence to the gauge of choice. Also, when adding additional wire, make sure all the wire you order is the same gauge. Mixing the gauges can create boundary loop problems.

Standard Grade
20 and 18 gauge is a standard grade wire. It is very thin and susceptible to breaks due to tree roots and the ground moving through the seasons. We recommend 20 and 18 gauge for installs up to 500 feet which is the equivalent of 1/3 of an acre. Also, if you plan to attach the wire to a physical fence or run it through PVC, 20 and 18 gauge will work great.

Professional Grade
16 and 14 gauge wire is an industrial strength, professional grade wire. It is made to last and is rarely snapped due to tree roots and the ground shifting. 14 gauge is highly recommended for any in-ground installations of 500 feet or more. 16 and 14 gauge is a great investment of your time and money that would otherwise be spent painstakingly looking for wire breaks on the 20 and 18 gauge wire installations.

How to Upgrade Wire
You can easily upgrade the wire on any dog fence system. Just use the Upgrade Wire drop down box on each product’s page (Inside the store) to upgrade the wire in the box to the gauge of choice. The options are found inside the blue box in the center of the page. Inside this box, you can add additional boundary wire kits by gauge using the Extra Boundary Wire Kits drop down box. And if you need more than that, or would like to manually add wire, flags, and splices to your order, just go to Wire to add exactly what you need.

Feel free to check out the PetSafe Ultrasmart product page to get familiar with what these upgrade options look like.

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