How to Use Twisted Wire

What is the deal with the twisted wire?  How does twisted wire work?  What is it for?

Nothing confuses people more than the twisted wire!

Twisted wire is really two regular single wires twisted together.  The twisted wire is primarily used to connect the control box to the boundary loop.  The great thing about twisted wire is that the dog can walk over this wire without getting the correction.

Note that you cannot use the twisted pair of wires as part of the boundary loop to create a section of the boundary loop that has no correction.  The boundary loop can only be made using the regular single wire.

You can make the twisted wire yourself by getting two regular boundary wires and twisting them around each other.  You can use an electric drill to speed this up.  This is a great way to save a little if you only need a small amount of the twisted wire.  However, if you are going to need more than say 20 feet, we advise you buy it pre-twisted.  (Twisting more than 20 feet of the wire using an electric drill usually turns into a big mess!)

For more details on using and making twisted wire, take a look at this tutorial video:

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