What system should I get?

Here are our recommendations for the best dog containment systems for different dogs:

(1)    One or more dogs, all over 15lbs and similar sizes – Innotek IUC 4100

Our overall favorite system is the Innotek 4100.  The Innotek 4100 does all the basics and is a good dependable dog containment system.  It is rechargeable and has three correction levels, plus progressive correction that increases in intensity the nearer the dog gets to the boundary.  It also has a cool “collar fit” feature that tells you if you have the collar on correctly, very useful with our furry friends.

The Innotek is best for dogs over 15lbs.  And since you cannot control the correction level of each collar independently, it is not good for dogs that are very different sizes (i.e 30%+ difference in weight).

(2)    Two or more dogs, different sizes all over 15lbs – Dogtra

 If you have dogs that have more than a 30% difference in weight, we would suggest the Dogtra system.  Like the Innotek it does all the basics right, plus has a rechargeable battery.  The Dogtra is a bit older than the Innotek and is a little more clunky.  But, since it does let you adjust the correction level of each of the collars separately it is a better choice where you have dogs that need significantly different correction levels. 

(3)    Any dogs under 12 lbs – Petsafe Little Dog + Petsafe PRF-3004W Deluxe

For dogs under 12 lbs you want a collar that is small enough for this kind of dog and that is calibrated to providing a lower strength correction for these dogs.

If you have additional dogs over 15lbs, you can use collars from other PetSafe systems.  The best of the lot is the PRF-3004W Deluxe collar which is also battery powered and has four correction levels.

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