Do I need to bury the boundary wire?

Do I need to bury the dog fence boundary wire?  Do containment systems need the wire to be buried?

The boundary wire does not need to be buried to work.  The reason most people bury the wire is mainly for aesthetic reasons and to protect the wire from lawnmowers.

Many people will attach the boundary wire to a fence with zipties or staples.  Alternatively if it is an area that is not going to be mowed, then you can just staple the bounadary wire to the ground.  In wooded areas, the wire will even bury itself as you get foliage falling over the wire and building up the soil over the wire.

If necessary, you can even avoid burying the wire where you have lawn.  Just cut the grass short, then staple the wire really tight to the ground.  The grass will eventually grow up over the wire and hold it down.  But beware, expect a few wire breaks when you mow the grass until the grass has finished growing over the wire.  We think it is easier to just bury the wire where there is lawn.  If you use a trencher or edger to help you, it is not at all difficult.  For more details on burying the boundary wire see here.

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