A dog’s ability to be obedient varies from dog to dog & breed to breed. If you have been struggling with an escape artist and it seems like every single week you are getting a call from the dog pound to pick up your pooch it is perhaps time to explore your dog containment alternatives. […]

If you and your dog live in a four seasons region it is important to carefully plan your indoor and outdoor setup to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. Summer is a great time to plan and purchase dog containment systems. The better, milder weather of fall often motivates dogs to expand their […]

If you are looking for a solution to contain your dog you have perhaps looked into having a professional installer such as Invisible Fence Brand come to your house and provide you guidance on the best dog fence for you. If the price of a professional dog fence installation is not within your budget you […]

Candidate: Rachel Weigand University: Auburn University Priorities are something I live by. Putting pets near the top of the priority list is a must to give them a good quality life. The quality of life of my dogs depends on how I lead my life and where I place them on my priority list. Seeking […]

This entry is by Mr. James Dircksen second year veterinary student at Purdue University and candidate for our 2nd annual Dog Fence Diy Wireless Dog Fence Scholarship.   Dog Fitness Matters There are many ways that I believe we, as a population of dog owners, can improve the quality of life of our canine companions. […]

DogFenceDIY has partnered with dogs and their families around the globe to give you stories and tips on how to keep dogs safe based on their own experiences related to getting lost, getting sick or even surviving a natural disaster. To get us started we have listed 25 ideas on stuff you can do to […]

Clearview Dog Fence Solution

by Gayla on May 19, 2014

Almost half a decade in the dog containment business has taught us that not every dog is the same and not every fencing solution works for every family. While many houses lend themselves to the unobstructed view afforded by a wireless dog fence this solution is simply not practical for every home. Where home owners […]

Last year, we had the honor of hosting our first Veterinary & Pre-Vet Scholarship. It was a true honor for us to be able to help a needy student in a way that most scholarships normally can’t. Our goal is to provide a deserving student the opportunity to have some financial relief that will allow […]

Training your dog to smell? That sounds quite strange. After all, what is the one thing that every dog is known for? Well, there are many things I suppose. Big cute eyes, being man’s best friend and stealing the trash are just a few that come to mind, but the answer is their nose. Dogs […]

Dogs that have a longer back in relation to their leg length, such as the Basset Hound and Dachshund, are more at risk of developing slipped discs. One study looked at 700 dogs of various breeds that were presented to the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in the UK during a one-year period. Of these […]