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by Gajan Retnasaba on July 2, 2009

One of the most frequent complaints we get from customers is that the instructions included with dog fence systems are pretty sparse.  The good folks over at Dog Fence Experts have written a Dog Fence Book to try and fix this problem, covering both dog fence installation and training.  The book covers the main topics of interest for wireless system installations.  But it is the sections on inground installations that really shine.  They go step by step on how you plan out the system, bury the wire,  and even provide a few little hints that we were not aware of.  For example they talk about ways to do a backyard only system by running the return leg through your guttering, which is a neat little trick we are going to start using.

The illustrations are plentiful and quite helpful.  They really make the instructions clear in a way that words cannot.  The review version of the book we read still had a few typos, but they tell us these have been fixed in the final edition.  We have pasted a couple of pages at the bottom of this page.

The training section is very comprehensive.  They share our philosophy that the training is the most important part of any new dog fence.  Again the illustrations really help make it easy.  One quibble is that they neglect to mention ways to keep your dog occupied and out of trouble after the training is complete, which we think is important.

Dog Fence Experts plan to eventually offer the book on for $34.95 which we think is a little expensive for a 90-page book, but on the other hand the advice is solid and could easily save somebody the cover price several times over.  We have tried to convince them that at $15-$20 this book would be a no-brainer.  (Tom … are you listening!)

UPDATE:  after a highly favorable response, we will be giving away a copy of the book with any system purchase.

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